Introducing PHR, an integrated system aimed to provide patients the capability to manage their own health records

Personal Health Records or PHR is a mobile app designed to allow patients to be able to keep and access their own medical records captured at participating clinics. PHR is conceptualized and owned by E Health Intelligence Sdn Bhd.

Upcoming features such as online appointment booking, will allow patients to book and pre-register before coming to the clinic to reduce wait time.

Another feature is the integration to IOT (internet of things) wearables which will allow the clinics to provide monitoring services to patients using the PHR app.

Thank you for using PHR and please look out for new updates as new features will be added over time.

How It Work?

PHR works with any clinics from the Care Clinics group:


Download and register your account with PHR Android or iOS App.


Get an Authorization code from the reception in any Care Clinic Branch.


View your records on the PHR Application and see your health trends.

Download PHR Today

PHR is currently lived on Android Playstore and will be available on iOS shortly.

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